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September Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Share Their Syllabus for Fall

Mary J. Blige, January 11 This wont be easy, but itll be easier if you let go of your own obsession with constantly being seen as the person everyone needs and the person no one is upset with. Loyalty is one of your most powerful traits; let it be what you remember in the moments you feel most scorned. As for your work life, summer has rightfully distracted you, but youll soon be getting back to a big project. Youre incredibly available and work tremendously hard at what you do. Youll be rewarded for this by the end of the year. This month, youre feeling loose and free, ready to take on the uncharted waters of love . What was once holding you back and asking you to be more of your responsible, earthy self has given you an opening, so you might feel more like a fire child, ready to face new opportunities. Take advantage of this feeling to affect real change in your life. Something like that ineffable idea of true love is coming your way, although it may take until next month to really get there. Enjoy all of the steps along the wayeven the feelings of uncertainty that can fill you with a bit of dread.

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I used astrology to successfully predict the results of finals of three #cricket tournaments in 2018. Nidahas Trophy 2018 - India needed 5 runs on last ball. India won. #AsiaCup2018 - India won the match on last ball. #IPL 2018 - SRH reached final but lost it.
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