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It looked at scenarios ranging from leaving with no deal to remaining within the EU single market. Responding to an urgent question in the Commons, Mr Baker said the document was "not anywhere near being approved by ministers" and that ministers in his team had only just seen it. He described the document as a "preliminary attempt to improve on the flawed analysis around the EU referendum" and said it did not asses the government's preferred option of a bespoke free trade deal. It "does not yet take account of the opportunities of leaving the EU", he said, adding that civil service forecasts were "always wrong, and wrong for good reasons". Responding to calls for it to be published, Mr Baker said MPs would get as much information as possible before they vote on the final Brexit deal but said: "We don't propose to go into these negotiations having revealed all of our thinking." And as Brexiteer MPs hit out at the leaking of the document, he said there was "clearly" a campaign to overturn the 2016 EU referendum by some people in the media and the House of Commons. One Conservative MP, Antoinette Sandbach, told Mr Baker she took exception to being told it was not in the national interest for her to see the document. And responding for Labour, Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer said the emergence of the report was "piling absurdity on absurdity" with the government having previously denied the existence of Brexit impact assessments. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "For months, Theresa May's government have refused to produce any detailed analysis of the potential impact of various Brexit scenarios - now we know why they have so desperately engaged in a cover-up." The BBC understands the Treasury contributed to the document but sources say it is part of a much wider range of work going on in Whitehall. Reality Check: What the EU wants from transition talks The report suggests UK economic growth would be 8% lower than current forecasts, in 15 years' time, if the country left the bloc with no deal and reverted to World Trade Organisation rules.

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