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The app, including the school version, comes with an option to get meanings of words, and also connotations. A student while reading an English text in Devnagari or Gujarati or Bengali script can easily go to the 'meanings' button to get the meaning of big words. According to Nag, a major advantage of transliteration is that it helps in learning the language. He says many of the teachers in Madhya Pradesh schools where the app is being used have come out with favourable reports on the improvement in English among the children. "Students in Tier II or III towns know a smattering of English. This app will help them improve their knowledge of English and also encourage them to read the language seamlessly," he added. The app for students provides short stories, especially on the Panchatantra and Mahabharata, for Classes 4, 5, 6. "The students are able to relate to it. We also have questions and answers at the bottom to help the students." The app, while providing the transliterated version on the right, also keeps the original text on the left, so that the reader can go back to the original if needed. ข่าวด่วน This is aimed to make the student or reader more fluent in the language, he added. Nag says many students in Madhya Pradesh where the app for reading English is in use have confirmed that their knowledge of the language has improved.

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but if I don't work, I don't eat," said insurance agent Adolfo Diaz, 38, trying to reach work despite fewer buses in the western city of San Cristobal where sentiment is strong against President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela's opposition Democratic Unity coalition called for a 12-hour shutdown as part of escalating protests after authorities scuttled its push for a referendum to recall ไทยรัฐ หวย เดลิ นิ ว ส์ 16 3 53 the OPEC nation's unpopular socialist leader. The government vowed to take over any companies heeding the strike, sending inspectors to ensure they were open. It posted intelligence agents outside Venezuela's main private company, beer and food conglomerate Polar, which was working normally. Facing arrest if they encouraged the strike, business leaders said it was up to individual workers to decide. "We are going to look for the big company owners, the leaders of (business group) Fedecamaras if they insist on a coup d'etat like in 2002," said Diosdado Cabello, the ruling Socialist Party's second in command, recalling a short-lived putsch against Maduro's predecessor Hugo Chavez. In the capital Caracas, where hundreds of thousands of demonstrators attended anti-Maduro rallies on Wednesday, traffic was lighter than normal for a weekday and some schools were virtually empty as parents kept children home. But businesses such as bakeries and pharmacies were open, with customary lines of shoppers seeking basics like bread and flour which have gone scarce in Venezuela's economic crisis. "I support the opposition, but I don't agree with this strike," said Eduardo Martinez, 51, unemployed, standing near a bakery line in eastern Caracas. EARN OR PROTEST? Cafe owner Alfonso Brito, 54, said he opposed Maduro but could not afford to close for the day, especially given losses on Wednesday during the rallies.

This article will help you understand these concepts better. When you're reading narratives, you feel like you are witnessing a play. Remember, writing and performing comedy is a serious business, so take it seriously. It is a part of the natural dimensions of most biological as well as non-biological entities on this planet. This guzzle article takes a closer look at the basic devices used to measure angles. It seems like people have forgotten the importance of reading; if that's the case, it calls for a revision of the same. Calculating error percentage is a requisite task in any kind of scientific analysis. My series of bath games for kids to play on-line, starts with the on-line addition worksheets with pictures. It can yet be used constructively to teach adults about the importance of insurance, financial education, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the subjects we are taught in school are based on a simple concept - Read, Synthesize, analyse and Process information.